Scaravelli inspired

Yoga in Mortain and Gers

Yoga is profound and simple, or simply profound!  I teach how to co-ordinate the mind, breath and body through Yoga.  This leads to comfort in body and mind.  Roots, gravity and breath are the guiding principles of each posture and the result of practicing Yoga in this way is increased comfort and happiness.


The form of Yoga I teach is inspired by the teaching of Vanda Scaravelli who developed the work of her teacher, B. K. Iyengar who was instrumental in popularising Yoga in the West in the 1960’s.   Vanda Scaravelli was a personal pupil of Iyengar and author of the book, ‘Awakening the Spine’ (1991) which emphasizes the joy and life of Yoga.  I have studied Yoga with Vanda's pupils and developed my own understanding of the principles. This Yoga is a gentle yet powerful form of Hatha yoga that uses gravity and breath to release the spine and energise the body. This approach focuses on 'the intelligent heart', an innate sense of our natural patterns of movement to bring harmony and ease to the asanas (postures).


Yoga is for everyone who wants to improve their health, vitality and well-being. My intention is to explain and show each student how to maximize their health potential. I like to watch people regain their natural flexibility and joie de vivre.


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"Yoga soothes me, helps me maintain the suppleness of my body and balance in life."



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Practising Yoga benefits your health


The classes are held in south Manche:


Monday 19h - 20h15


and at the salle in GER on

Tuesday 14h30 - 15h45


All classes are bilingual. Beginners and the more advanced are welcome.

I also offer individual lessons for people who want to advance more quickly.