Craniosacral therapy and

               Scaravelli inspiredYoga

I want you to be well

Natural methods for health and well being

Craniosacral therapy is powerful yet gentle, stimulaing the self healing capacity of the body to release tension, shock, trauma and other blockages that can impair health. I have had good results helping people with problems ranging from back pain to misaligned teeth.  



The yoga I teach is a profound but simple way to improve physical awareness and thereby increase your comfort. I teach how to move and liberate the blocked and painful places. The method derives from Vanda Scaravelli, a yoga revolutionary! This leads to health in body and mind.  


The two disciplines fit like a hand and glove; Craniosacral therapy can help an individual's body recognise and release blockages, and Yoga teaches better physical habits so that this improved health can be maintained and enjoyed. Good health without the reliance of drugs is particularly important for babies, children, pregnant women, and those who prefer a natural healthcare without risk of side effects.




I give individual cranial treatments and weekly Yoga classes

in Mortain and Ger  


Yoga, Craniosacral therapy and a lot of hard work healed me after a very serious accident and optimised my recovery so that I qualified in these life enhancing professions.  I have 20 years experience with all ages and abilities.  

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